General terms and conditions
Driving school RijZeker

To prevent mistakes, a number of agreements have been put on paper.
When taking driving lessons at driving school RijZeker, these agreements apply.
In the case of agreements that are not mentioned here, reference is made to the law.
If you can’t figure something out or run into a problem, always let us know.
We’ll figure it out together.


Driving lessons

  • Always take your I.D. with you.
    Driving lessons for cars can also be retained.
    You need to be able to identify yourself.
  • The instructor is legally responsible for what happens during the driving lesson.
    Traffic mistakes and/or violations are never the fault of the student.
    Therefore, always listen to the instructions.
  • When is the instructor not responsible:When
    using alcohol, narcotics, medication that may affect the ability to drive. Even when there is a driving disqualification or malicious intent.
    In short: When the student is punishable by law.


Cancelling driving lessons

  • A driving lesson can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the course.
    This does not include Sunday.
    Late cancellation of driving lessons will be charged.

    There are exceptions.
    Examples of exceptions are:
    – Hospitalization; of yourself or a close family member.
             – Death of a loved one.


Exam request

  • The practical exam is requested by the driving school.
    The exam is scheduled in consultation with the student and the instructor.
    On the exam, you must be able to show a valid I.D. to the examiner.
  • A candidate must be ready for an exam and in possession of his theory.
    You are ready for your exam when you:
    Independently, safely and smoothly, according to the CBR driving procedure, you can perform your driving task.
    The exam is requested as soon as the level of the student allows it ( The basic actions must be performed independently )The

    CBR driving procedure is used during the driving course to teach you the correct execution of traffic tasks. Your instructor has a thorough knowledge of this.
    You can receive the CBR driving procedure digitally.



Free retake in your package
Do you have a package with a free retake opportunity?

Then these are the Conditions:


  • The agreed lessons must be driven.
    If you have missed classes, you are expected to catch up on these classes.
    If you cancel classes within a week before your exam, it is not always possible to get them scheduled on time.
  • Your free resit will be valid for 1 year until after the previous exam.
  • You are expected to sufficiently practice the failing marks from the previous exam before taking a new exam.
  • The right to a re-exam expires when you take lessons at another driving school.
    ( For example when moving house )


Interim test ( Tussentijdse toets )

  • An interim test is preferably driven on about 3/4 of the driving course.
  • For an interim test, you must be in possession of the theory and be able to show a valid I.D. to the examiner.



  • All payments must be completed before the start of the exam.
  • It is possible that a payment cannot be paid within the specified period. Please let us know in time. We will then make an agreement together about how this can be solved.
  • Individual lessons are paid per lesson, in cash in the car, or transferred the same day by bank transfer by means of a payment request sent by the driving school.


Driving School Obligations

  • The instructor has a WRM pass and regularly attends refresher courses.
  • The instructor is legally responsible.
  • If an exam does not take place, due to the influence of the student, it will be reimbursed by the driving school.
    An example of this is:
    The cancellation of an exam by the CBR due to extreme weather conditions. ( snow or thick fog )
  • The occupants are insured during the driving lesson and during the exam.
  • The driving school ensures that the lesson car is in good condition.
  • There is no smoking in the training car.
  • Driving lessons are scheduled in consultation with the student.
    Scheduled driving lessons are sent by email and automatically shown in the driving lesson app.
  • Driving lessons that are cancelled by the instructor will always be made up, free of charge.



The driving school is careful about the student’s privacy.
Your data is stored on a secure server.
They are used for internal administration and requesting a test or exam from the CBR.
Your data will be stored for as long as required by law.
Currently, it is 7 years.
They are never shared with third parties.



Member VRB

Driving school RijZeker is a member of the VRB.
The VRB is there for driving schools, but also for the student.
If we can’t work it out together, the VRB can mediate problems between the driving school and the student.




At the end of the day, we have a common goal.
That’s getting your driver’s license.
Driving school RijZeker has been providing driving lessons since 2001.
The accumulated expertise is used to teach you how to drive as well as possible.
We wish you a pleasant driving course.